Product Wish List

We've made it easy for you to fulfill from our wish list. You can send us what we need through our Amazon Wish List.

We also have a list of supplies we need.

Please bring to GaitWay Therapeutic,, 1300 Lawrence Pkwy, St. Gabriel, LA or call us at (225) 319-7344.

Farm & Household Items
JD Gator or Mule Utility vehicle, TV cart, projector & screen, refrigerator,  picnic table, tools (metal snips, screw drivers) & tall toolbox, small compressor/air pump, A/C Window Unit (2), horse walker, drills, saw, table saw, small set of bleachers/viewing deck, chainsaw, 25 & 55 gal sprayers

Tractor Implements
Water wagon, fertilizer & seeder, manure spreader, PT driver auger, general horse & farm supplies

General Horse and Farm Supplies
Old towels, hand towels, supplements, white dressage pads (XL), fly spray, large wheelbarrow, manure forks – red plastic fork, 50 pound mineral & salt blocks, small & medium troxel & international helmets, bareback pad, cotton lead ropes, break-a-way halters, XL jumping or all-purpose saddle dressage & 3 western saddles, epsom salt, Rubber Maid containers, fertilizer for pastures, electric fence tape, bleach.

Volunteers for Special Farm Projects
Pasture, paddock and stall care repair, building projects, round pen tilled, fence repair and configuration, tack room build out, tack cleaning table. 

Gift Cards to our favorite suppliers are also a great item to give!
Dover Saddlery, Schneider’s Saddlery, Valley Vet Supply, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Albertsons