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The Ins and Outs of GaitWay Scholarships

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

One of the factors that makes GaitWay such a unique organization is our horses. Not only are our horses vital to our mission, but they are also very expensive. Below are some of the costs to take care of horses: Annually, horses cost about $10,800.00 in hay, $4,000.00 in feed, 1,100.00 in supplements, $5,900.00 in shavings and $6,800.00 in farrier bills. All of this does not include vaccinations and teeth floating etc.

We do everything imaginable to be able to keep all cost as low as possible to be able to help our riders and their families afford it. GaitWay understands that our prices are still high for some people especially those impacted by COVID. We believe that our services should be available to all who may benefit from them, regardless of financial status. That is why we offer scholarships!

Who funds GaitWay’s Scholarships

To keep our scholarship program funded we write grant proposals to different foundations in hopes that they will provide the funds needed to close the gap for many of our clients. Last year, we were blessed to receive a grant from the E.J. Ourso Foundation which funded our scholarships for all of 2020. This year, the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation have generously funded our 2021 scholarships.

Who qualifies for a GaitWay Scholarship

When assessing applications for scholarships, we take into account a number of factors. Number of dependents (both official and unofficial), temporary conditions (including COVID), medical bills, and many other considerations are all reviewed by our Scholarship Committee. Decisions are made annually based on the number of applications and availability of funds. We encourage anyone experience financial hardship, whether it be temporary or long-term, to apply for a scholarship with GaitWay.

The process for Applying for a GaitWay Scholarship

  • Go to GaitWay’s website

  • Go to the "Ride" section of our website

  • Click the Scholarship application

  • Fill that information out and fax it or email it to ​

  • The staff will look at the application and contact you with the amount received

  • If you receive a scholarship you will have to reapply every year

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