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The GaitWay Gift Guide: Equine Edition

Are you wondering what your favorite GaitWay horse wants for Christmas this year? Well wonder no more! We asked the horses to create a wish list and, after removing a few unrealistic requests such as “feed time lasting all day” and “our riders never leaving the barn”, they came up with the following:

1. Treat Balls (

Of course their number one thing on the list is treats! Because our horses are a little bit (let’s say ‘fluffy’) we thought it would be a good idea to get treat balls instead. Treat balls hang on a string in their stalls so they have to work hard to take a bite out of it. It will take them longer to eat it, and it keeps them distracted if they have to stay in the stall that day. Almost every horse put this at the very top of their list (right after ‘all day feedings’ of course), but BB and Red were particularly happy about the idea (hint hint wink wink)!

2. Farrier Tools (

The second thing they are asking for Christmas is some farrier tools for Errin, so she can help keep the horse toes in top condition. It will help her address minor problems that might come up in-between feet trimmings. Kajun and Duke particularly enjoy their pedicures and would appreciate some touch-ups every couple of weeks!

3. Hoof Oil (Can be found at Tractor Supply or purchased online)

Hoof oil keeps the horses feet happy and healthy by adding moisture to the hoof. Some of our horses have really dry hooves, and they really want their hoofs to be shiny and moisturized. Ya-Ya was super excited when she requested this on her list!

4. Cashel Crusader Fly Mask with Ears - Horse Size


The fourth thing on the horses’ list are more fly masks with ears so they can keep the pesky bugs off their whole head. Fly masks are very helpful because most of our horses are very sensitive to insects, and they will actually scratch the hair off their face. This creates many different problems, but the main thing is being head shy. This makes it difficult when the bridle/halter is being put on because they jerk away not wanting their painful raw skin to be touched. Hammer and Rocky would especially love one of these as their current fly masks are quite old and have holes in them.

5. Farnam Repel-XP Emulsifiable Fly Spray - (Can be found at Tractor Supply or purchased online)

The fifth thing on their list is fly spray to also help with the bugs in the summertime. The horses go outside at night during the summer because it is so hot. Gnats and mosquitos are really bad at night, and this fly spray will help keep the pests off of them. Max and Callie were especially excited about the prospect of having a big supply of fly spray to keep them comfortable this summer!

6. Clippers (

The sixth thing the horses would like to ask for is a pair of clippers, so the GaitWay staff can keep the horses looking their best! The horses like to look their finest for their riders by having nice trimmed bridle paths/fetlocks. Keeping the fetlocks trimmed also helps keep the nasty fungus away during the cold rainy winter months. Raude especially enjoys her mane being neat and tidy and would love a pair of clippers so her hair can be done more evenly and efficiently!

7. Scratcher (

All of the horses would love to have The Equine Scratcher by Shires to help with the itchy bug bites during the summer months. This will help the horses relieve their itchy skin, but not make their skin raw. The scratcher won’t be as rough as the trees that the horses normally scratch on.

You can either bring your gift to the farm at your next lesson or volunteer day to give it in person or have it shipped to us (1300 Lawrence Parkway, Saint Gabriel, LA 70776). Just make sure to specify which horse it's for if you get them a treat ball, fly mask, or scratcher!

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