Meet our Team



Laura Powell

PATH certified instructor

Laura will be celebrating 10 years with GaitWay this Spring! Laura began volunteering at GaitWay while she attended high school at St. Joseph's Academy (Class of 2011). Although she received her Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training, Laura has remained apart of GaitWay's family. Laura became a PATH Certified Instructor in June of 2017. Since her certification, she is now a full time instructor and mentor at GaitWay. Laura's passion for horses and helping others has paved the way for her career at GaitWay.

leslie talley.jpg

Leslie Talley

Accounts Manager

Leslie assists in the organization of the calendar, correspondences and general office activities. Leslie has a bachelor's in business administration and 25 years experience as a veterinary technician. Her primary responsibilities are maintaining a database of donors, managing contacts list and handling deadlines for grants. Her organizational skills aide GaitWay’s ability to manage special events, grants and communications with our donor base.