The GaitWay equine therapists are the cornerstone of our programs.  Each day these horses provide laughter, love, and support to each of our riders and all of our volunteers.  GaitWay keeps all of its horses in prime condition and provides them with the best and most advanced care available.  Each horse requires approximately $5,000 per year in order to maintain this level of care.  To contribute to GaitWay and its mission, you can adopt one of our incredible therapy horses and contribute to their special care.

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Our Herd



Callie is a Polish Warmblood. She is a mature girl that has experience in the show ring. Callie is quiet and confident and makes our riders feel at home in the saddle. She loves attention and being groomed. Her easy way of going fits in well at GaitWay.

Sponsored by Mary Virginia Bevan



Max is one of our younger geldings that joined our herd in the fall of 2018. Max is a striking Appaloosa, a breed known for their unique spotted coats. Max comes from a working western background but has quickly adapted to both English and western riding, making him a super versatile horse for our riders. Did you know that Max, Pony, and Duke use to all board together at Pony's house? So when Max first got to GaitWay, he was greeted by his good friend Duke!



YaYa is a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross.  In her younger days, she and our Barn Manager, Errin Hart, competed in eventing up to the training level and also fox hunted frequently.  Errin has trained YaYa to give kisses and smiles on command.  She loves treats and her little brother, Biscuit.  YaYa enjoys helping less experienced riders learn the ropes at GaitWay.



Gretta is a quarter horse mare with loads of personality.  She loves to get all the attention she can!  Since becoming a GaitWay horse Gretta has enjoyed all of her riders.  Gretta loves to greet each of her riders for every ride!  She enjoys being groomed and loves to eat! Gretta will not let her riders forget to give her a treat before they leave.  Before Gretta came to GaitWay with Brianna she was a hunter jumper.



Heilo is a Cheval Canadian Warmblood owned by our Lesson Program Coordinator, Brianna.  Before he came to GaitWay, Heilo used to pull carriages.  He is very affectionate when you pass him in his stall. Heilo loves to challenge his riders daily in their lessons. He also likes to get his favorite treats after each lesson. In their off time, Heilo and Brianna love to go to dressage schooling shows.  Stop by and say hi to Heilo next time you're at GaitWay!

Beau Pictures 1.jpg


Beau is the new horse on the block here at GaitWay. He was born in 1997 and has been with his person, Eileen, since he was 9. They went to many, many AQHA shows and Beau is a superior Showmanship horse and an AQHA Champion. But his favorite thing in life is being loved by the people around him. Beau is very excited to be able to live at Gateway and get to meet and give rides to all the kids! He loves the carrots and horse cookies and is looking forward to this new adventure and all the friends he will get to meet. 



Raude is a Red Dun Norwegian Fjord mare who was born on May 3, 1998. Raude came to GaitWay from Minnesota, where she was used as a brood mare. Believe it or not, she has had eight foals. Raude was ridden for pleasure and pulled sleighs and carts over the hills and through the snow. Her sweet nature and ever-steady rhythm are a perfect combination to teach our riders balance and confidence.

Sponsored by John Paul Lorio



Rocky is a chestnut AQHA Quarter horse and has been a therapy horse at GaitWay for over six years. Quarter horses are known for their ability to sprint short distances, but Rocky likes to take his time and enjoy life. Each day, Rocky looks forward to lessons so he can visit with his riders!

When volunteers groom Rocky, he wiggles if they use a curry comb because it tickles, but secretly loves to be clean, shiny and brushed. When he is being ridden, Rocky pays close attention and tries to do whatever his rider asks, whether it's to increase his gait, make a circle or even jump a fence! In his downtime, Rocky hangs out in the big field at GaitWay Farms with his best friend Kajun.

Sponsored by Paige Whitfield



Duke is a Missouri Fox Trotter. Duke is a very gentle guy with lots of love to give. His character is about as big as his body and he is not afraid to take on riders of different shapes and sizes. He even has a special racking gait to help riders learning to trot! He has traded in a comfortable life at home with the Clafin's to help others reach their goals. We are so thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Clafin for allowing Duke the opportunity to serve others with special needs!



Red is a small Quarter Horse gelding being leased to GaitWay by Bailey Gentile. Red use to be a professional on the barrel racing circuit with his owner. While Bailey is attending nursing school, Red will get to take on riders of all sizes and help them become more independent and confident. Don't let his small size fool you! Red has a big heart and a big personality that makes all his riders believe they can do anything!



It's Hammer Time! Hammer is a Quarter horse gelding that has retired from a career of roping and heeling. He is ready for the quiet steady life of assisting riders at GaitWay. He has a sweet disposition and gentle nature. His owner loves him very much and is generously letting us enjoy him this semester. Spring will be his first semester with GaitWay and we are very confident he will quickly become a rider favorite.



Kajun, a Louisiana native, is a Gypsy Vanner, a small draft breed hailing from the British Isles, home to England and Ireland. Around the world, the Gypsy Vanner is also known as the Gypsy Cob, Irish Cob, Coloured Cob, and the Tinker Horse. Kajun displays eye-catching black and white, or piebald, coloring and significant leg feathering, both common features of the Gypsy Vanner.

Kajun is quite the traveler; he has been through McDonald’s drive-thrus and, in true Louisiana fashion, on Zydeco dance floors. Kajun is eager to please and learns quickly. He loves people, treats and relaxing outside in his paddock.

Sponsored by Eve Gonzalez & Nikki Kennerly