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New to GaitWay? Start Here.

Chose the program that is right for you. Are you looking for Adaptive Riding or Horsemanship lessons?


Not sure? Look here for details on all of our programs, or contact us.



Download and complete the application and fee sheet. All Adaptive riders must also complete the Physician Assessment Form, while Horsemanship riders must attach a copy of your most recent physical.


Mail, email, or deliver the completed forms to GaitWay.

Address: 1300 Lawrence Parkway Saint Gabriel, LA 70776

Email: or

Phone: (225) 319-7344

Fax: (225) 500-8222


After processing your application, one of our instructors will call to schedule evaluation and lessons. Your paperwork will need to be completed and delivered to GaitWay office PRIOR to your first lesson.

All new Adaptive Riding clients must go through our evaluation process and pay a $100 evaluation fee at time of evaluation.

New Rider Applications

(Note that times have changed for the fall semester)

Application for New Therapeutic Riders

Application for New Horsemanship Riders

2022 Summer Schedule & Fee Sheet

2022 Financial Assistance Application

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