Horsemanship Program


The horsemanship program is designed for children without disabilities who are interested in learning how to ride and care for horses. Horsemanship classes are designed to show the rider's ability to ride and handle his/her horse.

However, horsemanship is more than just a horse show class. It is a basic skill that every good horseman should know, and good horsemanship is an asset to the rider and horse in any riding discipline. Horsemanship focuses on the rider's ability to seamlessly communicate with the horse on the ground and in the saddle. Additionally, rider’s appearance and position in the saddle, and his ability to control his horse, as indicated by the horse's performance in the maneuvers prescribed. The horse should move naturally, quietly and smoothly throughout his or her performance. The horse and rider should give the appearance of confidence and ease of movement. The end result of these horsemanship classes is a well-educated horse and rider that not only perform particularly well, but also share a connection with each other beyond simple skills. Riders should be 8 years and older to participate in Horsemanship classes.

Please complete the Horsemanship Registration form and submit to to apply.