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Since 2005, GaitWay Therapeutic Horsemanship has been improving the health and abilities of Baton Rouge’s special needs community.  What started off as a one-woman operation with just a few horses and clients has grown into a program that currently serves over 60 clients annually with 11 equine therapists and a database of over 45 active volunteers.  GaitWay is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of eight dedicated individuals from various fields. 

GaitWay offers its services to both children and adults with a wide array of disabilities in the Greater Baton Rouge area.  For the individuals in this region, GaitWay is the only provider of equine-based therapy services that offers both a certified therapeutic program, and the option for financial assistance.  Traditional approaches to therapy focus on the assistance one human can offer another; at GaitWay, the horse is a companion on the journey and the living embodiment of power through trust and collaborative effort.


Changing Lives One Stride at a Time



The GaitWay equine therapists are the cornerstone of our programs.  Each day these horses provide laughter, love, and support to each of our riders and all of our volunteers.  GaitWay keeps all of its horses in prime condition and provides them with the best and most advanced care available.  Each horse requires approximately $5,000 per year in order to maintain this level of care.  To contribute to GaitWay and its mission, you can adopt one of our incredible therapy horses and contribute to their special care.


2022 GaitWay
Board of Directors

Eve Gonzalez, Chair
Eileen Hebert, Vice-Chair
Mary Whitfield, Secretary 
Ryan Juneau, Treasurer
Jolie LeBlanc

James Friedlander

Dr. Jamie Bohanon

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